Glitters, Unicorns and a little Pink!

Glitter Unicorn pink

This is the day she dreamt for years
Now taking the vows she lost all her fears
You are mine and I am yours
He blinked and she shyly smiled
Reviving all her dreams wild

She was six
Playing being a bride with her friends
Mommy teasingly asked her, “What is it that you want?”
Without a hesitation she answers
“Glitters, Unicorns and a little pink.”

She was caring, compassionate and loving as her favourite color
Her mere presence added glitters to monotonous routine
So pure, so beautiful and so bright
Yet not visible to every eye
You need to be special to sight the unicorn

Little did she know then
Life is not a dream
You don’t always get what you want.
Society judges you, daunts you
And moulds you to be their toy.

She was soft and sensitive
Nevertheless tough and determined
Scared yet unswervable, there she was
Fighting against the odds
Braving outright rejections

A tear rolling down her cheeks
falls into his hands holding hers
He silently tightens the clasp as she travels back from time
Another blink assuring he is here to stay, she smiles back
For she knows, she has found her ‘Glitters, Unicorns and a little Pink.’

3 thoughts on “Glitters, Unicorns and a little Pink!

  1. Wow.. Very well expressed.. The transition of past and again back to the present.. And loved the term, ‘Glitters,Unicorns and a little pink.’ Very well written Neena.. And very true, society judges us very cruelly without having any information of our real life.. Have a good time.. 🙂


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