The curious case of Melisandre – The Red Woman. Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Spoiler Alert!!!

Season 5 of Game of Thrones left us nothing less than traumatized, we were in no way ready to believe that Jon Snow could die. It was nothing less than a miracle for us fans to survive the deaths of Ned Stark, Khal Drogo, Jeor Mormont,  Robb, Talisa and Catelyn Stark, Oberyn Martell, Ygritte and Shireen.

Accepting the death of Jon Snow was never an option to us, we built our numerous theories to convince ourselves that he will be back, alive. We waited, waited for 10 months and 9 days to know the fate of Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones - Season 5 Summary

I am sure you did not, but if you did miss Season-5 – Shame! Here is a recap!

Little did we know that by the end of the most awaited episode in the history of television, our focus would shift right from Jon Snow to Melisandre. Yes, we still believe it will be the Red Woman who shall resurrect Jon Snow from the dead, but this, this big a twist to the story was not foreseen.

The moment Melisandre dropped her robe, I thought I would see her pregnant and once again give birth to a shadow, which shall somehow revive Jon. But then she took off her choker and I was still waiting to see her belly. My eyes were left wide open seeing her transformation. The ruby fitted choker which till now I thought was a mere fashion statement is now the key to her beauty, her youth and her magic.

If some of us remember her in the bathtub in Season 4 – Episode 7, taking to Selyse, we saw her without this miraculous choker. Why did she not turn old then but did now? Maybe this is just another necklace and we are coming up with our own theories only to save ourselves from the anxiety of waiting for another 7 days to know what’s in store.

This Reddit thread gives quite an interesting insight to how Selyse had already seen what we saw in this episode; the Red Woman old and withered. And this post emphasizes on Melisandre’s actual age. This is now getting way too exciting!

 One particular thing I am particularly about is, why was Melisandre so devastated on seeing Jon Snow dead? Yes, in the flames she saw Jon fighting at Winterfell and she trusts the Lord of light. But, why did it break her to the point that she got into the blanket all shattered? Is it that she has now lost all hopes and believes the prophecy to be false. Well, if that is the case I lose all hopes of Jon Snow coming back. But hey, how can Jon Snow be dead?

We can only speculate on them till the directors want us to. Did you check out the preview of Episode 2?

Amongst all this drama, I forgot to mention of the Khaleesi mode I am in since watching the new episode. Well you know, I am not a Princess; I am a Khaleesi. 😀 😀 😀


Until the next episode airs ‘geros ilas’. 


The story of a stranger – #2

If you haven’t yet, please read the first chapter of the story The story of a stranger – #1 .

It was a new beginning.

That night the chat never seemed to end. They had so much to ask and a lot to share. She instantly realized they have a connection, she felt the click. Since that night she could not stop blushing. The night conversations continued the next day. She was either talking to him or talking about him. It was all about him. It was also mutual. He seized every opportunity he got to show her that he was interested in her. In a couple of days their likeness for each other only multiplied.

They felt for each other but the irony was that they had not spoken to each other, yet. He had an interview the next day in the morning, she realized that there would be no better moment than calling him up to wish him luck. Still sleepy, she called him. A ‘Hello’ from the other side woke every cell of her fiber. That instant she forgot everything else, it has to be the sexiest voice she has ever heard and ever will. She could feel those Goosebumps on her skin, each one of them. She felt the respite of a drying flower being watered. Somehow, she managed to gather all her strength to speak a few words to wish him the very best for his interview. Instant came the reply, “Iske liye tumne call kiya, pagal ho tum!” – “You called me for this! You are mad!” The voice still rings through her ears, she can never forget it even if she tries.

It was only three days ago that she was looking for ways to avoid him, and today, only three days of knowing him, and she crazily told all her best pals of him, to every person important in her life. She wanted them all to know him and eventually like him. By this time the parents had spoken to each other and were quite interested in pursuing the talks further, only if both of them agreed.

Everything was just so perfect, she could not have asked for anything more, she had not known of anything so perfect for her. He understood her like just like her best friends did, respected her thoughts and gave her glimpses of a happy forever. They complemented and completed each other. Deep down somewhere she was scared, scared of things going wrong with him, scared thinking that it was only a dream and one fine day she would wake up to reality.

After the Skype call the next day, if there was one thing she was assured of, it was that he is the guy for her. After all, he was the one to have made her feel that way “look into my eyes miss, stop staring at the fan, I want you to look into my eyes, yes! … I like you, I really do!. With her heart beating so fast, pounding fiercely within her chest, she wanted to tell him the same, wanted him to know how he made her heart skip a beat. But all she said was “good”, laughing the whole time. “Really, that is all you got to say?” “Yeah! Good” “Miss, the revenge will be taken” She did not have to say anything, her flushed face revealed it all. The girl who considers “Fifty shades of Grey” her Bible, had her imaginations running all free and wild.


Everyone she knew, her whole world advised her to go slow; she was after all taking the decision of her life. She did not want to, she knew what she was sharing with him and only both of them were aware of what they had. ‘There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart.’ Without her telling him how she felt about everyone advising her to go slow, he told her the same thing she felt, “It is not our problem that we get along so well”. It might have been just five days of knowing him, but it felt like an eternity. She looked forward to knowing him better, learning his every secret and sharing the myriad mysteries of life.

But, destiny had something else in store for them, fate brought these two unknowns together not to be a part of each other’s life but to be a lesson that made you both weak and strong. Their story is like the quotes you loved but never bookmarked.

The Story of a stranger. This is only the second chapter of I do not know how many. I still do not know what the ending to this story will be. Some things are meant to be, but they also need to stand the test of time.

Warning – All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. 😀 😀

What do I want?

Why is it difficult for you to understand?
I remember not of demanding the mountains to be moved
or wanting the moon and stars
Never did I also wish for your 24X7
All I want is;
Only two minutes of you –
smiling while talking to me
being silly with me
laughing listening to me.
Only two minutes of you –
thinking of me
imagining me.
Only two minutes of you –
being you with me.
Only two minutes of you!

What do I want

The story of a stranger – #1

How strange destiny is? It was just another day and the same route the bus took her every day after work, she was tired and longing to reach her destination. Out of boredom she kept scrolling something or the other on her phone before she accidentally opened an email from one of the matrimonial websites. This is something which she always avoided, it was her parents who wanted her to get married and she as usual ignored them. This time, just to distract herself from the nagging headache she looked into the fortuitously opened matrimonial request. Without any thought she also responded to the request and within minutes she exchanged phone numbers with the guy.

Story of a stranger

It was only a few minutes after she reached home that the guy pinged her on WhatsApp, and it was then she realized what she had done. She was in no way interested to talk to any guy for the purpose her parents wanted to, and she did not know how to ignore the person who was at no fault. The conversation started, the guy messaging 3-4 sentences and she replying back in 3-4 words. It was weird.

When she did not know what else to do, she called her Dad and told him about the guy. Her dad was in a state of shock as well as excited, for he could not believe it was his same daughter who was always in denial about the subject ‘marriage’. Her mom felt all her dreams turning into realities; well this was her only dream since the last couple of years.

The reaction of her jubilant parents only added to her fear. She was left clueless, so she thought of giving it a try. She was still messaging in 3-4 words and he in 3-4 sentences.

It was her birthday the next day. Her friends were over her place celebrating her 25th while without any knowledge of this he was still trying to build a conversation with her. Even though she tried not to, she disclosed it to him after her friends were gone. The day was bright and she was all dolled up for a day with her friends. He once again very sweetly wished her before she started her day out and gave her the space she wanted. Just before the midnight, when the clock struck 12 and she would have to wait for another 366 days to celebrate her birthday, her phone beeped. The phone lit up with the message “Wish you a very happy birthday once again.” and so did her face. She could not help but smile.

It was a new beginning.

The Story of a stranger. This is only the first part of I do not know how many. I still do not know what the ending to this story will be. Some things are meant to be, but they also need time.

Warning – All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. 😀 😀

3 Days Quote Challenge : Day 1

I am a total, total quotes person. More than half of the pictures in my phone and iPad are the quotes that I save from the random sources. My WhatsApp status is so often a quote from Sex and the City, needless to say how much I adore Carrie Bradshaw. 😀 Those hundreds of quotes and sayings pages on facebook always come to my rescue when I have nothing else to do.

Yet, I never tried scribbling down a quote. The thought never came across until my fellow blogger Akhila passed me the baton for the 3 Days Quote Challenge. Thank you so much for this Akhila.

Day #1 – Quote #1

Life Quotes

The other bloggers that I know have already taken the challenge, so sorry for not nominating new bloggers. 🙂


International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #6

The world is today celebrating International Women’s Day. This post is dedicated to every woman out there, for I believe being a woman itself is act of bravery and every woman is a superwoman. 🙂

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.” —William Golding

A Female is by far the best creation of the universe, her ability to bring another life into existence is a wonder in itself. And not just giving birth, all the roles that a woman plays since the day she is born until her last breath is admirable. She is an epitome of love, patience and sacrifice.

It is sad how a woman has been treated since forever, how a woman has been restricted to a mere womb and is used to satisfy a man’s pleasure as and when he wants. When a woman should be treated with love and care, she is today fighting to prove that her existence is much more than taking care of a man’s house, it is much more than providing him cooked food, much more than taking care of their babies. How disgusting can those men be who raise a hand on a woman?

Let us all be the Khaleesi! She was a woman who was sold to another man by her own brother. She was a woman used by her Khalasar only to thrust out. But, she never gave up! She fought for his love, she taught him to love and she won. The world celebrated when her ‘Sun and Stars’ was no more with her, thinking that it was her end too. But, there she was fighting for her dream, her rights. Giving up, is never an option!

For every Khaleesi there is also a Melisandre, the red woman – The kind which uses others for her gains. These are the same women who on the name of feminism are ruining all that the women over the years have achieved. Being a feminist is not about hating men or using them. Understand the difference and do not use the power you have to hog limelight. It is such a good time to be a woman today; there is a difference all around. Women are being looked at for what they are; the dreams are turning into realities. But the fight is still on, on until every woman gets her rights. So, at this crucial juncture I plead the women who are using this fight as a tool for their personal gains to stop. Please stop, stop else we will never achieve our dreams, stop making us a laughing stock. If we want to be treated equally we should start behaving so. Let us not forget that if we are the ones who give birth, it is the men who make it possible. Respect everyone and fight for your worth!

Each woman is a superwoman; we have the strength that we are not aware of until the dire need comes. This Women’s Day, let us all celebrate the strength and might of a woman, celebrate the existence of every woman in our lives. I wish a very happy Women’s Day to every girl, every lady and every woman who is beautiful and unique in her own way. Cheers! 🙂

Women's Day Celebration

International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #5

The world is celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th of March. Please join me in appreciating all the women who have made a difference in your lives. I am doing a series of posts, one each day until the 8th of March, to thank the women in my life.

Today’s superwoman is the lady who brought me to life; Mumma.

Mother's Day

I am your reflection! 🙂


I do not know if god exists, but I know you do. And that is enough for me. They say I am your replica but I cannot imagine myself sacrificing everything for others, I do not think I can ever be as strong as you and I am not sure if I can ever love someone as selflessly as you love me. How do you do all that you do?
God forbid, but if I have to choose one woman in my life, it will always be you. I shall always need your superwoman powers in every step of my life.

I can never thank you enough for everything. And no amount of words would ever do justice to what you are to me. 🙂

International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #4

The world is celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th of March. Please join me in appreciating all the women who have made a difference in your lives. I am doing a series of posts, one each day until the 8th of March, to thank the women in my life.

Today’s post is dedicated to the lady who has loved me with all her heart and only expected a smile in return. She was there for me when I needed someone the most. I had ruined it all and she came into my life to give it a new definition. And since then has stood by me like a mountain. My aunt; My Bhuaji.

Women's Day

They say she is not my own and I should be loving my own more than I love her. But when has love weighed who is closer to you on the basis on blood relations? She loves me unconditionally and I can never repay her. I love her more than anyone and nobody can change that.

You have always given, given all your time and love to so many. You never expected anything in return and they took it that way. But you know that I love you and will always be by your side, maybe not physically many a times even though I will want to. You are my pillar of strength and I want you to be there for me always.

Bhuaji, please don’t cry when Bhabhi reads this out to you. :*