International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #6

The world is today celebrating International Women’s Day. This post is dedicated to every woman out there, for I believe being a woman itself is act of bravery and every woman is a superwoman. 🙂

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.” —William Golding

A Female is by far the best creation of the universe, her ability to bring another life into existence is a wonder in itself. And not just giving birth, all the roles that a woman plays since the day she is born until her last breath is admirable. She is an epitome of love, patience and sacrifice.

It is sad how a woman has been treated since forever, how a woman has been restricted to a mere womb and is used to satisfy a man’s pleasure as and when he wants. When a woman should be treated with love and care, she is today fighting to prove that her existence is much more than taking care of a man’s house, it is much more than providing him cooked food, much more than taking care of their babies. How disgusting can those men be who raise a hand on a woman?

Let us all be the Khaleesi! She was a woman who was sold to another man by her own brother. She was a woman used by her Khalasar only to thrust out. But, she never gave up! She fought for his love, she taught him to love and she won. The world celebrated when her ‘Sun and Stars’ was no more with her, thinking that it was her end too. But, there she was fighting for her dream, her rights. Giving up, is never an option!

For every Khaleesi there is also a Melisandre, the red woman – The kind which uses others for her gains. These are the same women who on the name of feminism are ruining all that the women over the years have achieved. Being a feminist is not about hating men or using them. Understand the difference and do not use the power you have to hog limelight. It is such a good time to be a woman today; there is a difference all around. Women are being looked at for what they are; the dreams are turning into realities. But the fight is still on, on until every woman gets her rights. So, at this crucial juncture I plead the women who are using this fight as a tool for their personal gains to stop. Please stop, stop else we will never achieve our dreams, stop making us a laughing stock. If we want to be treated equally we should start behaving so. Let us not forget that if we are the ones who give birth, it is the men who make it possible. Respect everyone and fight for your worth!

Each woman is a superwoman; we have the strength that we are not aware of until the dire need comes. This Women’s Day, let us all celebrate the strength and might of a woman, celebrate the existence of every woman in our lives. I wish a very happy Women’s Day to every girl, every lady and every woman who is beautiful and unique in her own way. Cheers! 🙂

Women's Day Celebration

17 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #6

  1. At first I thought the Mother of Dragons is your superwoman today. And then you gave it the philosophical twist. Yes, every woman is a superwoman and every single day we men should realise their invaluable contribution in lighting our lives with their love and care. Similarly, women who manipulate men for their use should also refrain from bringing a bad name to womankind.
    Loved the post. 🙂

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