29th February – This leap year

How many of us have wished we had an extra hour a day? 24 hours is many a times too less for us to accommodate work, family and also find some time for ourselves. We crib, complain of not having enough time. This is a fact that a day only has 24 hours and we are not getting a minute extra how much ever we wish for it.

But wait! Maybe 29th February is that wish granted to us.

We get one whole day, 24 hours extra only once in 4 years. Don’t you think this itself is a reason to celebrate?
“They say you don’t value what you have got until it’s gone, but sometimes you value it but never know when it’s gone.”
We are given this one extra day, but we have never realized it’s importance. We sit cribbing about the lost days, how we could have done a hell number of things yet could not.

Let’s make this leap year count. Let’s make this 29th February memorable. Let’s do something that we did not have time for on our regular days.


Take a day off on this 29th.Pamper yourself. Visit a spa and get that massage you have always wanted to. Or maybe just sit down calmly in your house and meditate. Find yourself, get that spark back in your life. A hobby that you have wanted to start again, go for it.

How about cleaning our closets? Do not delay it any more, stop procrastinating. Mark this 29th Feb in your calendar to find the hidden clothes from the corners of your wardrobe, the dresses you do not remember still exist, the summer memories.

Have a place to visit? This year the 29th of Feb is a Monday. Take the day off for a long weekend. Get your bags packed and plan the trip with your friends.

How about visiting your parents? Plan a surprise.Ask your siblings to come over to your parent’s house too. Believe me nothing more can make them happier than seeing you. They always had time for you, they still do. How about you finding some time for them now? Take them out on a picnic, sing with them and let them do the stupid stuff. Let them know that you are there only for them. Spend some lone time with your Mom, talk to her. She will have hundreds of things to tell you, the ones she waits to share with you. You will see the smile on her face, not just listen to her voice over the call. Notice those wrinkles on her hands, the marks on her forehead. Instead of her preparing the lunch for you, you do it for her. Let her rest for this one day. Show her how she means the world to you. Travel back to time without a time machine. Remember the TV remote and the pillow fights with your younger ones? Do it. Your home is one place where you can be as you are, as you want to be. Do not let this go.

Don’t be upset if for some reasons you cannot visit your parents. Take the day off for your kid. Spend some time listening to all their rants, all the crazy things they do with their friends. Be a friend to your kid. Play their favorite game with them, or something that they have always wanted to do with you. Tickle them until they beg you to stop. And when they are tired and asleep, take your spouse to the terrace where you have planned the surprise candle light dinner for just the two of you. The ordered food and her favorite wine with a slow music in the background. Look into her eyes and tell her how you fall in love with her each single day. Tell him that he is the man you always dreamed of. Watch a movie together, how about watching the one that you both first saw together.

Have a secret crush on someone or want to propose your partner? Do it on the 29th. Plan for a romantic date and take her out. Secretly invite all her friends and yours. Get flowers, violins and the ring. Going down on one knee, propose your partner to spend their life with you. How perfect will that be?

And, if it is your Birthday on the 29th of February, this year you are getting to celebrate it. Make sure to make it special. Party hard. You deserve it!

All the things mentioned above can be planned out on any random day. But since we always whine and grumble of the limited time we have, let us make this one extra day this year a special one. As for me, I am finally planning to get that one thing done which I have been postponing since forever, and is too personal to disclose it here 😛
You guys, celebrate this day and let it go down as one of the best day of your forever. Do share with me what your plans are in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “29th February – This leap year

  1. This is so cute! I love how you talk about the importance of spending time with family.

    I know I really need to catch up with my mum – she’s started texting me to tell me she misses me!

    Liked by 1 person

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