Be Like The Chinar

There certainly are two types of Katrina Kaif fans in India, the ones who believe that she is gorgeous, the most versatile female actor in the industry today, and the others who find her extremely boring and repetitive. I would avoid categorizing myself here but the trailer and songs in ‘Fitoor’ has left me in awe of her.
Do I need to mention her fab toned bod in the song ‘Pashmina’? Or those long dreamy red hair? Director Abhishek Kappor says that the red hair in the movie is a metaphor or a tribute to the red autumn leaves of Chinar tree. Since ages poets have sung praises of the gigantic and the majestic Chinar.
Inspired by Katrina’s red hair in the movie ‘Fitoor’, here is my attempt to pay an ode to the mighty Chinar.

Standing tall amidst all
it’s been ages and I have seen every rise and fall
From the emperors invading to the partition
the blood shed thereafter and the numerous peace missions
Change is inevitable, they say
in accordance I sway


Chinar tree

Cometh the spring – I am young and green
set to fight the circumstances unforeseen
In the summer heat my leaves become yellow
it’s now that I am cool breezy and mellow
Turning crimson with the set of autumn
my leaves are dying, prepared to hit the rock bottom
Fall spreads a golden carpet of which I am proud
the crispy carpet cushion takes you to walk in the clouds
I am standing naked braving the winter storm
happy that burning my fiery red leaves makes you warm
Expect nothing in return, love all is what I abide by
Mammal or an animal, man or a woman, Kashmiri Pandit or a Muslim, soldier or a spy
When will you understand life is not about snaring and tearing?
it’s all about loving, caring and sharing
Come what may – Life goes on
Here I am, still standing tall amidst all.

12 thoughts on “Be Like The Chinar

  1. Wow Neena.. Well said… Very true.. Katrina is a gorgeous actress, I love her performance very much in Namastey London.. And Chinar, I didn’t knew about the significance of red hair of Katrina in Fittor with Chinar. Wow so colors of the tree.. Very pleasant.. Miracles of nature.. And wells said that life and everything is about loving, caring and sharing.. Loved the poem… Have a great day.. 🙂


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