That One Love


Spoke without thinking;
Read without imagining;
Listened without curiosity.
Your absence left in a void
so hard for anyone to fill.
Ailed without any miseries;
Stoned without getting high;
Deceased without dying.
The dark night never seemed to end.
I was hurt; I was broken
not knowing how to pave my path back to you,
I missed you!

Those were the days when
You brought me joy in solitude.
You challenged me to be at my best, every single time!
and gave me the strength to face the world
Practice what you preach, I learnt being with you.
My fondness for you only multiplied with time
I was a changed person,
changed only for the good.
I missed you!

Dark clouds have parted their ways,
Sun is out shining bright.
Now that we are together,
I look forward to discovering myself once again.
I am making no promises,
for they say promises are made to be broken.
I am meant to be doing this,
for the pleasure and satisfaction you give.
A pen, a piece of paper,
at times the keypads
Scribbling lines here and there.
I missed you, missed writing my heart out.
You will always be my
That One Love!


Photography by :Β Naquib Akhtar

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