Nervous! Anxious! Excited!

“Lets do what we love and do a lot of it.” – Marc Jacobs

Hi there,

I am sure there are numerous things in your life which motivates and inspires you like anything else, things you are passionate about. Writing has been one such thing for me. It was essays and poems during school, articles and posts in college, random ramblings every time. Writing inspired me to come up with my best. And then, I stopped a few years ago. I just could not write anything, anymore.

Until a few days ago. I felt this urge to pick up my pen and do what I always loved doing. A smile flashed across my face.
And, here I am.

Blue & Black Ink!

Ink – How important is ink in a writer’s life. The basic component in a typewriter, a printer. That smell of a new book you love would not have been possible without ink! Thus came the name, Blue & black Ink!

I am no stranger. I love the same things as you so. I dream with my eyes wide open. I like being loved. I am no stranger!


Now, if you are thinking what to expect while reading this new blog in town, let me put it forth – Expect nothing. New day, new dreams. I wish to come up with something new every time. I wish to touch your hearts. I wish to make a change. I wish to keep on writing.

Also, I wish to keep improving. So, all your suggestions and comments are always welcome. Please do leave your comments and thoughts on the blog.
You may also drop me an email on

Cheers, to this new bond between us! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Nervous! Anxious! Excited!

  1. Wow Neena… First post… Always special.. Taking me back to the memory lane… The gap between my first post and second post is almost 6 months… It took lot of inspiration, effort and self-determination to give wings to my passion again.. Welcome.. Happy blogging.. Loved the blog name, Blue & Black ink.. Very much related to writing.. Have a great evening.. 🙂

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